About Install and Fix

My name is Galin Atanasov and I founded Install and Fix, recognising the need of straightforward and affordable IT support for home users and start-up businesses.
As of this writing, I’m the entire staff at Install and Fix, responsible not only for setting company goals and managing customers’ IT equipment, but researching the newest technology, sales, company presence, and everything else which can be involved in running this small business.
I am qualified IT Technician with Master’s degree in Information technology and information brokerage with more than 10 years professional experience. Over the years I’ve worked as a helpdesk support, computer technician, software editor, website designer and editor-in-chief for an IT newspaper. I decided to go the “hard” way with Install and Fix as I find it more flexible, I can meet different people and help them in their everyday IT/computing needs. Dealing with a wide range of problems is also very challenging and allows me to expand my knowledge and abilities.
Fixing computers is not the only thing I’ve done. I also operate a small painting and decorating company for the last 5 years and I own a small web and graphic design business, which actually came up as an extension of my major IT business.