Is your Yahoo mail not accessible?

If you are getting an error, while trying to access your Yahoo mail recently using your favorite desktop e-mail application like Outlook or Windows Live Mail, you might try the solution below. I can’t guarantee if that will work for everyone, or if it is connected in anyway with your Yahoo mail, but it worked for me. Actually I had a call today from a customer, explaining that he can’t get into his Yahoo mail using Outlook 2007 since yesterday. The error which was returned from the server was:

“Failure to download message, try again later. Socket Error # 10060. Connection timed out.”

The first thing to do of course was to check if all the settings were correct. And they were. All the server settings (pop and smtp) were as they should be. As he was using Yahoo mail UK, the server settings were set with

Here is the solution – the only thing you have to change in order to get your e-mail working (at least for now) is to replace with
So this is how your new settings should look like:

Incoming POP Server: (port 995)
Outgoing SMTP Server : (port 465 with SSL)
Incoming IMAP Server : (port 993).

I don’t know if the Yahoo server “” is down permanently or temporary and if it is, how long it will be, but the above solution worked for my client, at least for now. I’ll update the post if something is changed.

Update: It looks like there is no problem if you try to login to your Yahoo mail account online, so the problem is only with the settings for desktop e-mail applications.

New year, new pc repair offer!

Family and friends pc repair deal – 3 pc repairs for the price of 2*!

Family and friends pc repair deal
Hi everyone. It’s been a while since Install and Fix website redesign was announced. I was very busy in the last few weeks, so really didn’t have the time to post any updates. That’s why I decided to start the new year with new pc repair offer. Enjoy and don’t forget to give me a call!!!

*If parts are required, they are not included in the offer. However you’ll be advised on the options and prices before any purchase is made.

Hello world!

Welcome to the completely redesigned Install and Fix website.
Finally, after a long delay, I’ve found the time to plan and complete the new design of
This is the first post in the newly created “Blog area” of the website. Hopefully the information “to be” provided here will be interesting and useful for everybody who will end up here one way or the other.
That area will be “free” time project for now (not much of it at the moment), so don’t be too hard if it is not updated every hour or so!
At the end – I hope you’ll just have fun.